Real-Time Competitive Analytics

Mortgage Pricing Analytics

What are some of your priorities around maximizing revenue on each loan? What are some of your challenges around your competitors beating you on pricing? What are some of your priorities around compliance? Lender Price’s innovative platform provides unprecedented value by generating more loan revenue, resolving pricing challenges and helps ensure compliance is covered. Lender Price provides immediate and measurable ROI.

Performance Benchmarking

Machine Learning Algorithms & BI

Complete Competitor Pricing Data

Pull Competitive Reports in Real-Time.

  • Real-Time performance benchmarking and analytics.
  • Actionable Insight into product and pricing blind spots
  • Identify product & pricing sweetspots
  • Amazing visualization
  • Up to the second pricing updates.
  • Pricing Analytics specific to each mortgage channel
  • Capture margin management opportunities
  • Competitive pricing analytics by product, LLPA’s, and Geography
  • Turnkey Automated Pricing Analytics
  • Real-Time Market Trending Analytics
  • Market Vs. Risk Assessment
  • Rate performance benchmarking
  • Scenario Specific Pricing Analytics
  • Local Vs. National Market Pricing Analytics
  • Ad Hoc Report Builder