Lender Price | Real-time Pricing, Reporting and Analytics

Our flagship product, Lender Price, is the most dynamic mortgage product pricing & eligibility engine (PPE) complete with full mobile functionality, advanced business intelligence, and analytics. Lender Price’s versatility allows correspondent lenders, banks, and credit unions to manage products & pricing for all mortgage types (conforming, non-conforming, Non-QM, and specialty loans). Lender Price provides powerful performance through innovative features including customized workflows, user and product level tracking, automated compliance checks, margin management, lock desk, and secondary marketing management. Investors can manage their origination partners in real time to identify opportunities and close the gap on technology and customer service. Our advanced analytics report on which scenarios are being searched, which are being locked, and what products are being overlooked, allowing both loan originators and decision-makers to learn and adapt with the ever changing mortgage industry.